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Practicing Yoga To Reduce Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia Symptoms

A recent Canadian study has found that practicing yoga twice a week for eight weeks reduced the symptoms of chronic pain and mental stress in women with fibromyalgia.The study the first to look at...

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Current Chronic Pain Treatments Are Insufficient

Current treatments for chronic pain syndrome are insufficient, and more research needs to be conducted into combining treatments, a leading fibromyalgia researcher has concluded.According to Den...

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How Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Sufferers Can Benefit From Social Media

When you suffer from chronic pain, it can be difficult to find people who really understand what you are going through, and who can offer you support and advice.  Groups like the Fibromyalgia Associa...

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Scottish Back Pain Patients Sent To England For Treatment

The NHS in Scotland spent more than £200,000 sending patients with chronic back pain for treatment in England, it has emerged.Figures obtained by Labour MSP Jackie Baillie show that eight of Scot...

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Zen Meditation To Help With Chronic Pain

People who engage in Zen meditation do feel pain, but they don't think about it as much according to new research.The latest findings could affect the way those suffering from conditions such as a...

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Scientists Have Discovered A New Human Pain Gene

Scientists have long suspected that genetic factors can predispose certain people to experience chronic pain in intensities others don't. But now research has backed this up by identifying the specifi...

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Why Is Chronic Pain Most Common In Women?

No one appears to know why, but the vast majority of chronic pain patients are women. Women suffer disproportionately from irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches, osteoarthritis and many ot...

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