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Claiming Against Your Partner For A Road Accident Injury

  Dear Brian I was the passenger in a car being driven by my husband.  He skidded on black ice and crashed into a wall.  He was not driving quickly at the time, but in the crash I injured...

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Claiming For An Accident Caused By Poorly Maintained Roads

Dear Brian I was driving along when I hit a pothole in the road. This jarred my neck and I afterwards developed fibromyalgia. My friend hurt himself when he was driving along in wintery conditions ...

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Claiming For A Car Accident Where No One Else Was Involved

Dear Brian I was involved in a serious road traffic accident in December 2011. As a result, I recently developed fibromyalgia. The problem is that there was no other vehicle involved in the acciden...

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Fibromyalgia & Whiplash – Can I Claim?

Dear Brian I was involved in a serious road traffic accident in January 2011. As a result, I developed fibromyalgia, diagnosed in September 2011, which began as very severe whiplash of the neck wit...

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Does Being In Possession Of Cannabis Invalidate My Fibromyalgia Claim?

Dear Brian, I was the front seat passenger in a car driven by my friend. He drove into a ditch and I hurt myself, developing Fibromyalgia. It was my friend’s fault for driving into the ditch, but...

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Could My Road Accident Be Linked To My Fibromyalgia?

Dear Brian, I suffered a neck and back injury as a result of a road accident in 1998. I instructed solicitors, the other party admitted liability and I settled my claim for £2,100 in January 2000....

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Is It Impossible To Find A Link Between Fibromyalgia & Accidents

Question:   I developed Fibromyalgia after an accident.  My solicitor says it is impossible to prove the link between accidents and Fibromyalgia.  She says I should settle on the basis of...

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Brian Barr Solicitors Secure £419,000 In Fibromyalgia Compensation Claim

Former postal worker Louise Balsom from Daventry has been awarded £419,000 by a Judge following a “minor traffic accident” after a lengthy legal battle. In April 2002, Louise, then aged 36, was d...

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Whiplash Injury & Fibromyalgia

QUESTION I was recently involved in an accident.  Someone drove into the back of my car.  I developed a whiplash injury and that seems to have triggered Fibromyalgia.  I want to make a claim, bu...

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Getting Nowhere With A Road Accident Compensation Claim

The following question was asked in Fibromyalgia magazine: Dear Brian, I had a road accident in 2008 and I have a solicitor.  I feel I am getting nowhere with him.  He organised an examinatio...

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