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Infrared Workout Clothes Could Benefit Fibromyalgia Sufferers

WorkoutAt the beginning of this year, we shared a blog article exploring some of the wearable technology available to chronic pain sufferers. The article had been inspired by the recent buzz at CES 2015 (the Consumer Electronic Show) about a new product launching this year, Quell: a piece of wearable technology said to have beneficial effects in relation to pain relief. More recently, we’ve come across another kind of wearable pain relief technology: infrared workout clothes

Wearing infrared clothes may sound like a bizarre futuristic fashion notion, but a quick google search will assure you that the product is already readily available on the market. According to one manufacturer, infrared sports wear (as part of a healthy lifestyle) can benefit those suffering with fibromyalgia because:

“Heat has long been used to relieve pain, and the infrared heat delivered by Vivir is similar to the heat delivered by the best therapeutic devices used to help soothe the symptoms of a variety of conditions including fibromyalgia… In a study of chronic pain sufferers, a 70% pain reduction was reported after a single infrared heat treatment.”

Infrared workout clothes, are designed to enhance the existing benefits of exercise; causing you to sweat more and burn extra calories in the process. Needless to say, it important to keep yourself well hydrated as a result!

Another manufacturer claims that far infrared therapy clothing may help to:

  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve pain
  • Speed healing
  • Increase oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Enhance immune function
  • Remove toxins
  • Increase metabolism

How does it work?

The Vivir Wearable Wellness website, explains that far infrared heat has been used for over 20 years as a method to lose weight, detoxify and relieve pain. Traditionally, it has been administered in the form of infrared saunas, wraps and other medical devices. However, Vivir maintains that, VivaHeat technology offers a new solution:

“a thin, flexible, washable heating technology… that is integrated directly into Vivir tops and pants.  When a low voltage current from a rechargable battery is applied, Vivaheat generates far infrared heat in the same wavelengths as your own body’s heat.”

What does infrared clothing look like?

As Infrared is part of the invisible spectrum of light, the simple answer is, whatever the clothes design looks like!

What do the experts say?

We were interested to discover if we could find any clinical evidence relating to the benefits of adding infrared clothes to your existing sportswear wardrobe selection. Dr Allan Rozenberg, PhD, CEO of Wearable Wellness Inc, has put together a white paper that you might like to read, giving examples of:

“some of the current research and findings that support the use of frequent immersive far infrared therapy, like that which can be delivered by wearing Vivir, as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Our research also led us to a study relating to a clinical trial on infrared heating pads in the treatment of backpain, the conclusion being that:

“In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, the IR wrap has clearly demonstrated that it is easy to use, safe and effective, and reduced chronic back pain by 50% over six weeks. Contraindications are rare (possibly malignant hyperthermia and scleroderma), and the risks of thermal injury are low and are minimized by the use of an automatic shut-off when the unit in contact with the skin rises to a temperature of 42°C. Other units such as lasers may not have such a safety device.”


Whilst we are unable to personally endorse any products relating to infrared wearable clothing: it certainly seems like an interesting avenue to explore in compliment to your existing treatment plan for chronic pain. However, do bear in mind, and as the manufacturers’ carefully remind us, infrared sportswear should be considered: “as a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle”, not as a replacement for one!

Do also remember that, before you try any new treatment for your chronic pain symptoms, it is imperative that you first consult your GP for advice.

Have you tried infrared clothes as part of the treatment plan for your chronic pain symptoms? Can you report any benefits? We’d love you to hear your feedback and opinions!

We do not endorse any research, studies or sources mentioned within our blogs and comments. Furthermore, we do not endorse any medical advice provided, and would strongly recommend anyone seeking medical advice to contact their local healthcare provider.




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One response to “Infrared Workout Clothes Could Benefit Fibromyalgia Sufferers

  1. Actually I was part of clinical trial back in 2002 for a FiR T shirt. It did not work, but after trial I found out I had the placebo. I did receive a FIR T-shirt and used it for a long time. I wore it as a night shirt and it did make a difference.

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