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Switching Solicitors – What One Client Had To Say

signature“From the first conversation I had with Brian, I was amazed at his friendliness. To be honest, I was actually going to bypass him because I thought a solicitor that happy couldn’t be any good!

What made me change my mind was the level of professionalism he displayed when talking about my previous solicitor. The other solicitors I contacted sent me reams of things my solicitor had done wrong with very uncomplimentary emails, whereas Brian simply said “I understand chronic pain so I believe I will be more helpful to you”.

I’ve not once regretted my decision to change from my union solicitor to Brian Barr. I have felt fully supported and was kept up to date with every step of the case.

I am happy with my settlement and will not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone I know who needs advice.

Thank you so much, all your help and work is truly appreciated”.

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One response to “Switching Solicitors – What One Client Had To Say”

  1. Wish there was a Brian Barr … Or the likes… To help support cases in Scotland. Finding someone who understands chronic pain and is prepared to take on the corporate might or take over when a union fails,is the one bit of hope that most of us are searching for.

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