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Will Going On Holiday Jeopardise My Fibromyalgia Compensation Claim?

On Twitter this evening, I was asked the following question: "If I go away on holiday, will publicising this on my Facebook page prejudice my Fibromyalgia claim?”. It has been known in the past th...

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Making A Claim Under Permanent Disability

On Twitter today, I was asked the following question: "How long would you have to wait before making a claim under permanent disability? Suffering with CRPS/Fibro". As soon as it looks like the disa...

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Post Your Fibromyalgia Questions To Brian Barr On 24th November

Were you involved in an accident or work related injury that triggered your Fibromyalgia? Would you like to know whether you can make a claim? You can now post your legal questions online!I will...

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Taking Sick Leave Due To Workplace Stress

Dear Brian,I went on long-term sick leave from my job due to workplace stress. I have been working about 70 hours per week (this was not considered unusual) and I was ill-treated by senior-managem...

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Is Yoga Better Than NHS Treatment For Chronic Back Pain?

Yoga can provide more effective treatment for chronic lower back pain than the more conventional methods of GP care, according to a new study.The research, carried out by the University of York an...

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