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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Compensation Claims

At Brian Barr Solicitors, we understand how devastating CRPS can be and how much it can impact your everyday life, which is why we are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients.

When you’re in constant pain, every aspect of your life is affected; your sense of wellbeing that everyone deserves diminishes, relationships are tested, friends seem to disappear and carrying out every day tasks now seems impossible – especially when nobody seems to understand your pain and struggle.


Why choose Brian Barr for CRPS Compensation?

Pain is invisible and the brave face needed to cope with each and every day doesn’t show the internal suffering to others, with many CRPS sufferers reporting that many doctors are slow to diagnose and therefore treat chronic pain. But here at Brian Barr Solicitors, we understand your pain and how it has been affecting your life, which is why we will work to get you the maximum possible compensation for your CRPS claim.

We have a database of leading medico-legal experts whose understanding of CRPS is second to none, including consultants in pain medicine and psychiatrists who can diagnose conditions, give prognoses and effects of the condition, allowing them to establish appropriate treatment options.

No Win No Fee CRPS Claims

We also have access to specialists who can recommend adjustments, aids and equipment to help you to live as comfortably as possible with CRPS, such as accommodation experts who can recommend adaptations to your home, or, in some cases, a new home.

Our Partnership with Burning Nights

Brian Barr Solicitors work closely with Burning Nights, a CRPS support registered charity.  We are proud to be on their panel of trusted legal partners.

The charity’s vision is a world free of CRPS and the pain it causes to its sufferers. The work that Burning Nights has been incredibly valuable to the community, and we look forward to supporting CRPS patients through the charity.

How is compensation calculated for CRPS?

Personal injury claims involving CRPS can often attract a large sum in compensation. Compensation is calculated based on the severity of the injury and the impact it has on the individual’s life, meaning the value of the claim can vary greatly from one case to another, from less than £500k to more than £4 million.

The injury aspect is compensated with an award for pain, suffering, loss of amenity (PSLA), also referred to as general damages. The guideline for this has been set by the Judicial College.

According to the guidelines, CRPS compensation for general damages can rane from £16,700 to £66,000. It is clear that this is often not the largest portion of the compensation amount, as it is the effect that the condition has on the lifestyle of the sufferer that can have more serious consequences.

The other aspects of the damages award is compensation for financial losses and expenses that occur due to the negligence, which can include loss of earnings, loss of income from being unable to work, aids and equipment and medical treatment and care. Additional punitive damages may be claimed in rare cases, as a punishment to the defendant when the negligent behaviour is deemed particularly damaging.

The reason why the amount of compensation for CRPS claims can vary so much from person to person is due to the fact that each of these heads of claims are calculated on a case-by-case basis. For example, a younger person in a high-paying job, who has lost the ability to work and requires hours of care due to negligence, will receive a high award of damages as their life has been impacted significantly for a long period.

However, someone who is close to retirement in a low-paying job, where the negligence will impact a shorter time frame, will receive a lower award of damages for the same injury.

Why make a CRPS Compensation Claim?

Each CRPS sufferer will be in their own unique situation, and have different reasons to pursue compensation for their condition.

If you have developed CRPS as a result of an accident or trauma of any kind, you are likely entitled to compensation for the event and the distress it caused you. This is especially true for cases in which the accident can be linked to the negligence of a party which owed you a duty of care, such as a medical professional or employer.

Developing CRPS can also affect you financially in many ways. Specialist treatments are costly, and you may rely on alternative transport or even accommodation arrangements in order to see a specialist. These costs, as well as any adaptations needed for your home or vehicle, should be included in your compensation claim for CRPS.

You may also need to take time off work, re-arrange your work schedule, or diminish your job responsibilities. Any of these situations will likely result in a reduction of your income for a considerable amount of time, and Brian Barr Solicitors can help you calculate your financial losses, present and future, to ensure you are correctly compensated for them.

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Read more about how we support client throughout the UK to claim compensation for their injuries or chronic pain conditions. Brian Barr Solicitors consistently achieves great results and high compensation amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have developed CRPS as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of a third party, you are likely eligible to claim compensation. There are, however, a few things to consider to ensure you have a strong case, and obtain the maximum amount of compensation for CRPS.

Collecting and documenting evidence of a third party’s negligence is vital. If your CRPS is the result of a traumatic accident, such as an accident at work or a road traffic accident, then details of the event, testimonies from witnesses or authorities, and photographic evidence can help you build a very strong case for your CRPS compensation claim.

You should also have a medical examination made by a specialist. This may include details of your injuries and their repercussions, and an official diagnosis. Brian Barr Solicitors have an extensive network of medical professionals who specialise in chronic pain conditions, and have a deep understanding of how sufferers are affected in the long term. A medical report produced by an expert will be fundamental to calculating the value of your CRPS claim, and pursue it efficiently.

Claims for CRPS compensation may be subject to time limits, so it is important to act quickly and start legal proceedings as soon as you are made aware of your condition and its effects on your lifestyle, personal life, and career. Generally, you have 3 years from the date of the accident or the diagnosis to start a compensation claim for CRPS; however, if the claimant is a minor or someone lacking mental capacity, they will usually have 3 years from the date they stop being legally considered to be within these categories.

The first step to a successful CRPS claim for compensation is to contact our specialist for a free, no-obligation assessment. Our team at Brian Barr Solicitors will help you gather information to build a strong case for your claim, including scheduling appointments with medical experts, and guide you through your next steps.

Once we have collected and documented medical records, witness statements, and any other documentation which may help your case move forward, we can submit a claim on your behalf to the defendant or their insurer. We often liaise with insurance providers, as your compensation will likely come from them rather than the defendant directly.

We will then begin negotiating your CRPS compensation payout with the other party, keeping you informed and in control of the whole process. This is where most claims reach a settlement: we will always attempt to first settle your claim out of court, to avoid the stress and animosity that often comes with court cases.

If a settlement is not reached, or we feel your CRPS claim is worth more than the defendant is willing to settle for, we may advise you to bring your case to court. Our legal specialists have years of experience pursuing compensation claims in court, and will be by your side through the whole process, ensuring you reach the best possible outcome.

Depending on your situation, payouts may be dispensed in different methods. We can also make a case with the court for interim payments, ensuring you can get the care you need and do not suffer financially while your compensation claim is being processed.

Starting a claim for compensation for CRPS can be daunting, and you may be worried about the financial aspects of the legal process.

We generally represent CRPS sufferers through a No Win No Fee agreement, meaning that if your CRPS claim is unsuccessful you won’t be liable for any legal costs.

Brian Barr Solicitors is a specialist firm with highly skilled CRPS Solicitors. We can often obtain interim payments if your circumstances call for it, allowing you to begin the recovery or management process right away.

If you’re looking for more information about how to cover the cost of your CRPS compensation claim, then explore our funding options.

Brian Barr Solicitors are experienced in pursuing CRPS compensation claims, especially in cases where this has been developed following an accident or injury. We understand the repercussions this condition can have, and can help you claim for Total Permanent Disability under Critical Illness Policies or Accident Protection Policies. If you have already attempted to make a claim with a solicitor who is not specialised in chronic pain conditions, we may be able to offer you a better settlement. Get in touch with Brian Barr Solicitors today.

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