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Living with FND can very quickly turn your life upside down. Mobility issues, fatigue, physical pain, tremors, memory loss and confusion can make you feel like you are losing your grip on reality, but remember that you are not losing your mind and you are not alone. FND is a real condition which causes debilitating symptoms.

It is important to speak to a specialist who understands the disorder and the impact it can have on your life and your relationships.

At Brian Barr Solicitors, we provide more than just FND legal help; we offer a supportive partnership to help alleviate the burdens of living with FND. For expert legal advice and a compassionate approach to your case, reach out to us today. With Brian Barr Solicitors, secure your justice and regain control over your life.

How We Can Help

When it comes to neurological disorders, Brian Barr are experts. FND can be a debilitating illness caused by psychological trauma and / or physical trauma and affects people differently. If you have FND as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you are entitled to claim for compensation to help you on your road to recovery.


What is FND?

Functional neurological disorder (FND) is a complex medical condition where there is a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and how the brain and body send and receive signals. The symptoms often appear suddenly and progress rapidly and can include limb weakness, paralysis, seizures, walking difficulties, spasms, twitching, sensory issues and more.

FND Legal Help

Navigating life with FND can be challenging, even more so if the condition has been triggered by an accident or trauma that was not your fault. If this resonates with your situation, our specialist solicitors are ready to fight for you, to help you claim the compensation you deserve. 

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in FND cases, ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive FND legal help available.



As FND specialists, Brian Barr Solicitors work closely with FND Dimensions, a charity that aims to create a safe environment where those diagnosed with FND can come together, for mutual support without the fear of being judged because of their symptoms. The charity gives people the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge and ask questions of each other, and also supports their family and carers so that the isolation of FND can be broken. Find out more at:

Expert and Compassionate Neurological Solicitors

At Brian Barr Solicitors we understand that neurological conditions affect people differently. Females may be more likely than males to develop FND and the risk of developing FND increases if you have another neurological condition.

FND can happen for a wide variety of reasons. If you have been diagnosed with FND following an accident or trauma that was not your fault, our specialist solicitors are here to help you claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

If you are looking to claim compensation for a brain injury or neurological condition, you will firstly need to be able to prove that the condition was caused by another’s negligence. 

The compensation for FND can vary depending on the severity of the disorder and the impact it has had on both your working capabilities and your needs for care. As part of your claim, medical experts will be instructed to provide their professional opinion on the effect the accident has had and how that may progress in the future.

Our team are caring, compassionate and always take the time to understand your unique situation. We will tailor how we work accordingly. We know that FND can affect your concentration and cognitive behaviour and can flare up for no apparent reason, and this may mean taking the time to explain things differently, conducting meetings in person or online to suit you. We understand that FND can mean you might suddenly have to cancel with short notice. We have a dedicated team who are passionate about helping our clients in a caring, understanding, and professional manner. We pride ourselves in providing expert support and advice in your time of need and securing the compensation you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FND is a real condition which causes debilitating symptoms. The symptoms of FND may fluctuate, or be there constantly, and specialist recognise the following clinical features as typical of FND:

  • Functional limb weakness – this can often be confused with a stroke or MS and can cause problems walking, heaviness down one side, dropping things and even feeling like a limb isn’t part of you.
  • Functional seizures – patients experience uncontrolled shaking, suddenly going motionless and unresponsive, staring without responding to surroundings, and the seizures may look like an epileptic seizure or a faint.
  • Functional tremor – uncontrollable shaking of part of the body, commonly found in the arms and legs. A functional tremor can come and go throughout the day and can change in speed and strength.
  • Functional dystonia – muscle spasms that cause a part of the body to become stuck in an unusual position. Someone with functional dystonia will often present with curled fingers, a clenched hand, or an ankle that turns in.
  • Functional gait disorder – a dragging leg, feeling unsteady when walking, or that you make excessive movements when walking.
  • Functional facial spasm – muscle spasms in the face can lead to problems like a narrowing of the eye or the pulling of the mouth or jaw upwards, downwards or to the side.
  • Functional tics – commonly associated with Tourette’s Syndrome, a tic is a fast repetitive movement or sound that happens suddenly.
  • Functional jerks and twitches – frequent sudden movements like when you jolt awake as you’re falling asleep.
  • Functional drop attacks – this is when someone falls to the ground suddenly, and without losing consciousness.
  • Functional sensory symptoms – this could be numbness, pins and needles, or a feeling that a limb isn’t part of your body.
  • Functional cognitive symptoms – problems with your memory or concentration can be a symptom of FND, such as losing track while doing things, being unable to remember why you went into a room, forgetting important numbers or dates, losing track during conversations, forgetting words, and misplacing important things like your keys or phone.
  • Functional speech and swallowing difficulty – slurred speech, a stutter, difficulties finding the right word, unintentionally mixing words up, whispering or hoarse speech (dysphonia), difficulty swallowing, including feeling like there’s something stuck in your throat.
  • Persistent postural perceptual dizziness (PPPD) – the dizziness in PPPD is typically experienced constantly and gets worse while walking or in crowded environments.
  • Functional visual symptoms – changes to your vision such as blurred vision, double vision, sensitivity to light and reduced vision.
  • Dissociative symptoms – These symptoms can be hard to describe, but are often described as feeling
    • that your body is disconnected from you
    • that your body doesn’t belong to you
    • disconnected from the world around you
    • spaced out
    • that you are floating
    • that you are having an out-of-body experience
    • there but not there
    • you may also be able to hear what’s going on around you, but not be able to respond.

There are other symptoms or conditions that are commonly associated with FND. These include:

  • chronic pain, including fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, and complex regional pain syndrome
  • persistent fatigue
  • sleep problems including insomnia (not sleeping enough) and hypersomnia (sleeping too much)
  • migraines and other types of headaches and facial pain
  • irritable bowel syndrome and other problems with the function of your stomach and bowel
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • chronic urinary retention despite all tests being normal (which may be diagnosed as Fowlers syndrome)
  • dysfunctional breathing

Symptoms of functional neurologic disorder may appear suddenly after a stressful event, or with emotional or physical trauma. At Brian Barr Solicitors, we have helped clients successfully claim compensation for their trauma induced FND. Every one of our clients is different and have their own unique set of circumstances.

FND can be life changing for both you and your family and you will need this compensation to help you on your road to recovery. Due to our renowned understanding of FND, clients have moved to Brian Barr Solicitors to help with their claim. Our solicitors regularly achieve six figure sums of compensation for our clients.

When seeking compensation, we will look at your individual situation and the support you may require in your future. We will consider current and future loss of earnings, rehabilitation and treatment costs, home and lifestyle adaptations required, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering caused by FND.

There are no quick fixes, but do not be disheartened. The brain can be retrained and there are various treatments available that can manage and even improve FND symptoms such as:

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • psychological therapy
  • speech and language therapy
  • prescribed medication
  • alternative therapies

Rehabilitation can be a long journey due to the variety of symptoms the disorder encompasses.

Moving to Brian Barr Solicitors is easy and hassle free. Are your current solicitors a specialist firm whose expertise is chronic conditions negligence litigation? If not then your claim could be misunderstood and undervalued.

In any accident or insurance claim, transferring your claim from your current solicitor to Brian Barr’s expert FND Solicitors is easy and hassle-free. You are under no obligation to stay with your current solicitor and are entitled to switch your solicitors for whatever reason you wish.

If you are unhappy with their service or feel that you are not going to get the compensation that you deserve, you can consider a different law firm to support your Functional Neurological Disorder claim.

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