Successful resolution in road traffic accident for existing fibromyalgia sufferer

This case study was written thanks to the expertise of our team, including Alex Cohen, Philip Cohen, and Steven Akerman, leading experts in compensation claims for chronic pain and serious injury.

NA, our client, was involved in a road traffic accident when another vehicle unexpectedly pulled out from a car park on the opposite side of the road, resulting in a collision. The aftermath was far-reaching and complex. Following the accident, NA developed immediate neck and lower back pain and subsequently she experienced shooting pain in her neck accompanied by persistent headaches.

What made this case particularly complicated was NA’s pre-existing history of fibromyalgia. The car accident led to a significant exacerbation of her fibromyalgia symptoms, causing her increased pain, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction.

NA, who was employed as a carer at the time of the accident, found herself unable to return to work due to the severity of her condition following the accident that was not her fault. The exacerbation of her fibromyalgia not only hindered her ability to engage in employment but also necessitated care assistance for daily activities like cooking and cleaning.

Brian Barr Solicitors took on NA’s case, recognising the complexities involved in establishing the direct link between the accident and the exacerbation of her pre-existing condition. We gathered evidence, including medical records, expert opinions, and witness statements, to build a robust case. The legal strategy focused on proving the causal connection between the road traffic accident and the exacerbation of our client’s fibromyalgia. This involved collaboration with medical experts who could clearly establish the link, demonstrating the impact on NA’s ability to work and carry out daily tasks.

The culmination of dedicated legal efforts resulted in a successful resolution and NA was awarded a six figure sum in damages – a testament to the thoroughness of Brian Barr Solicitors’ specialist knowledge and understanding of fibromyalgia and the compelling case built on behalf of the client.

Although the financial compensation is a crucial aspect, the most gratifying outcome was the acknowledgment of NA’s suffering and the validation of the challenges posed by the exacerbation of her fibromyalgia. We are committed to securing justice for clients in complex scenarios. The successful resolution not only provided financial relief to NA but also underscored the importance of meticulous and specialist legal representation in cases where pre-existing conditions such as fibromyalgia are exacerbated by unforeseen events.

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