Brian Barr Solicitors commitment to securing justice for clients especially when pre-existing conditions are exacerbated by unforeseen accidents

This case study was written thanks to the expertise of our team, including Alex Cohen, Philip Cohen, and Steven Akerman, leading experts in compensation claims for chronic pain and serious injury.

This case is a poignant example of navigating the challenges of pre-existing conditions exacerbated by a life-altering road traffic accident. Brian Barr Solicitors acted for Christine who was involved in a road traffic accident.

Christine faced the daily challenges of musculoskeletal pain and had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Despite these obstacles, she was actively working, caring for herself and assisting her daughter with her grandchildren. At the time, she was functional and managing her condition.

A road traffic accident resulted in soft tissue injuries to Christine’s neck and back, exacerbating her fibromyalgia symptoms. Post-accident, she struggled with increased pain, greater fatigue, and heightened cognitive dysfunction. Her ability to function at work diminished, and travel anxiety became an additional hurdle. The whiplash sustained during the accident became a catalyst for a surge in fibromyalgia symptoms.

The consequences of the accident were far-reaching. Christine not only lost her job due to the amplified fibromyalgia symptoms but also found herself at a disadvantage in seeking new employment due to the physical and cognitive challenges posed by her condition.

Brian Barr’s legal team collaborated with medical experts to build a compelling case that encapsulated the direct impact of the road traffic accident on Christine’s life. The legal journey culminated in a successful settlement at the JSM for £42,500. This comprehensive amount accounted for past and future care needs, enrolment in a pain management course to alleviate the intensified symptoms, and acknowledgment of Christine’s disadvantage in the open labour market.

Christine’s case exemplifies the commitment of Brian Barr Solicitors to securing justice for clients facing complex challenges, especially when pre-existing conditions are exacerbated by unforeseen accidents.

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