Brian Barr success in complex Functional Neurological Disorder case

This case study was written thanks to the expertise of our team, including Alex Cohen, Philip Cohen, and Steven Akerman, leading experts in compensation claims for chronic pain and serious injury.

Our client, Ms C, was a Senior Support Worker in an assisted living facility who looked after young adults with severe learning disabilities, most of whom were on the autistic spectrum. She was exposed to a dangerous workplace and was assaulted twice by residents of the facility.  

Excessively long hours, staff shortages, and the failure on behalf of her employer to monitor her health properly, caused Ms C to develop Fibromyalgia which was then significantly exacerbated following two assaults by residents of the facility.

Following the two assaults perpetrated on her by residents of the facility, Ms C’s health deteriorated significantly. She quickly descended into a highly disabled and dysfunctional state. Her mobility quickly deteriorated to the point that she became a full-time wheelchair user. Ms C continued to be troubled by chronic widespread pain and fatigue, and FND characterised by frequent non-epileptic seizures and severe sensory overload.

Ms C had been referred to her Union solicitor, however after the first medical meeting which lasted only 15 minutes she realised that they were not specialist solicitors and did not properly understand her condition. Ms C moved to Brian Barr Solicitors in 2018 who took on her complex case. Brian Barr Solicitors understood Ms C’s health conditions and the overwhelming impacts they had on her life currently and would have in the future. The case was managed sympathetically and with compassion and Brian Barr Solicitors managed to secure an interim payment that facilitated the purchase of a new wheelchair for Ms C which increased her mobility outdoors.

After a long and complex Fibromyalgia claim, Brian Barr Solicitors secured Ms C a life-changing settlement and has enabled her to purchase a new property tailored to her mobility needs, a suitable vehicle and access private health treatment.

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