Brian Barr Solicitors take on CRPS case and settle for £650,000 more than initial estimate

This case study was written thanks to the expertise of our team, including Alex Cohen, Philip Cohen, and Steven Akerman, leading experts in compensation claims for chronic pain and serious injury.

Our client, MB, a dedicated assistant at a local school, faced a life-altering workplace accident due to negligence that left her with severe injuries. Before the incident, she enjoyed excellent physical and psychological health, thriving in her work and personal life.

Whilst at work, our client was involved in an accident when an object fell on top of her arm. It occurred due to negligence on the part of her employer, the school, as safety protocols were not properly enforced. This resulted in her suffering significant physical and emotional trauma.

Following the accident, MB developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and other issues. MB’s pain severely affected her daily life. She experienced debilitating symptoms including fatigue, joint aching, headaches, and cognitive issues, making it impossible for her to continue working. The repercussions extended to her family as well and her husband had to stop working to provide her with the care and support she needed, resulting in a significant financial strain on the family.

MB’s journey to justice was indeed a challenging one. Initially seeking support from a general personal injury solicitor, she quickly realised that her case was far more complex and required the expertise of a specialist in chronic pain and fibromyalgia. With disputed medical evidence and a complex legal landscape to navigate, it became evident that her case demanded the unique skills and experience that Brian Barr Solicitors could provide. We conducted a thorough investigation and also worked closely with medical experts to understand the extent of her injuries and how they had permanently altered her life. The Defendants inevitably fought very hard and instructed their own experts.

We instructed Specialist Counsel and working as a team we managed to secure a life changing settlement. After diligent legal efforts and settlement negotiations, MB’s legal team successfully secured a substantial compensation settlement for our client to cover her ongoing medical expenses, loss of earnings, and additional support needed to improve her quality of life.

While it’s estimated that MB would have received no more than £20,000 in damages with her previous solicitors, we achieved an extraordinary settlement of £700,000 on her behalf, ensuring that our client and her family could begin to rebuild their lives and secure the necessary care and support for her ongoing challenges.

This case highlights the importance of instructing specialist solicitors. Pain cases are usually hard and challenging and there are many potential pitfalls. Such cases need careful handling and the importance of instructing a specialist cannot be overstated.  The stark difference in outcomes between what the previous solicitors would have likely achieved and the actual settlement speaks volumes about the importance of specialised legal representation.

To learn more about our success stories, and get the legal support of leading specialists in the field, call us on 0161 737 9248.


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Brian Barr Solicitors take on CRPS case and settle for £650,000 more than initial estimate
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