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National Parks Week

Taking place from the 28th July to 3rd August, National Parks Week is: “an annual celebration of the amazing places, people, and things to be found within the boundaries of the National Parks family...

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Employee Dismissal & Permanent Health Insurance Claims

Dear BrianI am not well and face the possibility of being dismissed from work. However, I have a permanent health insurance (PHI) scheme at work. Is it true that if the company dismissed me I will...

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Travel Tips If You Suffer From Fibromyalgia

The summer holidays are upon us and, as facebook newsfeeds across the country fill up with pictures of friends enjoying relaxing breaks in exotic retreats, it seems as if everybody around has exciting...

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National Motivation Day

According to the official ‘National Motivation Day’ website, the aim of the day is to: “… motivate and inspire individuals to reach their potential. It's right in the middle of the year, wher...

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