Brian Barr Solicitors secure £33k settlement for A&E worker involved in accident at hospital

This case study was written thanks to the expertise of our team, including Alex Cohen, Philip Cohen, and Steven Akerman, leading experts in compensation claims for chronic pain and serious injury.

Ms C, a hospital worker, suffered from osteoporosis. Whilst carrying out a task at work, Ms C felt pain in her back and right arm and also injured her hip and ribs. She had a pre-existing condition, and she was not to be given any physical or manual task which would risk aggravating her spinal condition.

The accident was caused by the negligence and breach of statutory duty by her employer. The hospital failed to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of Ms C to which she was exposed whilst she was at work.

Following the accident, the pain continued, and Ms C developed increasing symptoms with pain in the right arm. She was unable to lift any objects using her right arm and had nerve conduction studies. Her symptoms subsequently became more widespread. She was absent from work for four months and was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

As well as pain and restricted movement in her spine, she suffered sleep disturbance, constipation, bloating and occasional dyspepsia. Following medical examinations it was concluded that she would have continued working if she had not had this pain and therefore as a result of the accident Ms C’s retirement was brought forward by 5 years.

Brian Barr Solicitors secured a £33,000 settlement for Ms C due to her injuries to compensate for loss of earnings and pension contributions, care and assistance.

“The staff at Brian Barr Solicitors are all very professional and Steven has been very helpful in explaining to me the possible outcome, and my options.”

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