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Current Chronic Pain Treatments Are Insufficient

Current treatments for chronic pain syndrome are insufficient, and more research needs to be conducted into combining treatments, a leading fibromyalgia researcher has concluded.

According to Dennis Turk from the University of Washington, Seattle, “currently available treatments provide modest improvements in pain and minimum improvements in physical and emotional functioning. The quality of evidence is mediocre and has not improved substantially during the past decade.”

His paper was published in The Lancet in June 2011 as part of a three-part series on pain management.

Turk, the former director of the University of Washington’s now defunct Fibromyalgia Research Program, wrote that over the past decade, there have been improvements in the way we understand the mechanisms underlying pain, and in the availability of advanced diagnostic procedures. However, most of the changes in treatment have involved new ways of working with existing drugs and interventions, rather than new treatments based on evidence.

He called for more research into combination treatments, indicators of how the patient is responding to treatment, and working out which treatments are suitable for which patients depending on their individual circumstances.

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