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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Claims

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What is CRPS?

Also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is caused by an injury to the sympathetic nerves, resulting in severe pain. The condition can be catastrophic, permanent and disabling. 

There is no known cure for CRPS, although it is said that about 50% of patients can get better spontaneously. As leading CRPS lawyers, we specialise in many CRPS cases, working on behalf of our clients to get them the CRPS compensation they’re owed. 

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, (formerly known as Begum Syndrome and also Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), is a chronic and progressive condition which effects many people around the UK and across the world. The condition, often abbreviated to CRPS is characterised by complex regional pain and in most instances it is triggered by an injury and the pain felt is out of proportion with the injury.

Complex regional pain syndrome is a condition which affects different people in different ways. Complex regional pain syndrome symptoms are not the same in every case and though there are some similarities felt by some sufferers it is entirely possible to meet someone else living with CRPS and they have none of the same symptoms as you.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a lifelong condition which is known for being very hard to diagnose, as there is no single test which can be carried out to give you a yes or no answer. CRPS diagnosis is mainly based upon the symptoms which you present, the results of a full physical examination and a number of different tests which may be carried out and which can give a clearer picture of the type of pain you’re suffering from and whether there is any other underlying cause for it.

Below are just some of the tests which may be carried out if your doctor suspects you may have CRPS

Most doctors and specialists in CRPS have accepted that is usually has three main stages, although it isn’t a condition which is systematic and not all of the stages may be followed or experienced by each individual. Some people develop severe symptoms straight away whereas others may never experience the later stages. Here is a closer look at the three CRPS stages that the condition may manifest into.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a chronic pain condition which, since first being discovered, has been split into two further types. It’s a condition which usually effects an area of a single limb but it can spread and it is usually related to a trauma or injury in the area where the pain is coming from.

CRPS comes in two forms referred to commonly as CRPS Type 1 and CRPS Type 2. CRPS Type 1 was formerly known as Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome or RSD, although most people, especially medical professionals will now call RSD CRPS as this is the universally accepted term.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2 is the rarer of the two conditions known as CRPS. CRPS Type 2, formerly known as causalgia, is a severely painful and chronic condition which develops as a result of an injury to a peripheral nerve. The pain associated with CRPS Type 2 is usually described as an intense burning which doesn’t subside and the pain is specific to the affected area, due to the injury to the nerve.

Differences to Type 1

Managing CRPS pain is a case of bringing together a range of different treatments, lifestyle changes and personal exercises to help your condition feel manageable and not all-encompassing. Treatment for CRPS may involve a large care team or simply a couple of specialists.
Treatment for CRPS includes self-management and lifestyle changes, physical rehabilitation, pain relief medication and psychological support and counselling.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a poorly understood condition in which a person experiences persistent severe and debilitating pain.

It is difficult to estimate exactly how common CRPS is, as many cases may go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. It can begin at any age, including childhood. This being said, however, the average age for symptoms to start is around 50-years-old, with 3 out of 4 sufferers reported to be women.

Brian Barr Wins £905,000 for CRPS Client.

Neil Swift developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome following an accident at work.
Neil was working for a civil engineering company as an HGV driver. Returning to the company yard one day, he found a JCB was parked across and blocking the entrance. Under instruction from his manager, Neil went to move the JCB so that he could park his HGV in the yard. The JCB had been vandalised, including having its windows smashed. Neil climbed up the steps to the cab, but was unable to open the damaged door. Instead he tried to reach through the broken window to open the door from the inside. As he did so, he slipped, badly cutting his left arm on the remaining shards of glass.

  • I was really impressed with the team at Brian Barr helping me to achieve a settlement for my claim for fibromyalgia which was caused as a result of a car accident. I was kept well informed all the way through the process and was able to have “jargon free” conversations with Brian and Counsel about my case. Brian always made me feel at ease, even when the litigation process was frustrating and difficult at times. Brian also found me a fantastic CBT therapist which has really helped with some of my day-to-day struggles. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Brian Barr Solicitors.

    Lou Earp

  • I would like to thank Alex Cohen and his team for bringing my personal injury case to a satisfactory conclusion recently. I contacted Brian Barr Solicitors almost 2 years after my accident following a total dissatisfaction with my previous solicitor. This immediately put Alex under a great deal of pressure to get the case accessed and prepared to court within weeks, which was achieved by the skin of our teeth. 3.5 years later and it’s all over, but the important thing to note here is that without the understanding of the complexity of chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia in this complicated case, it would have fallen away a long time ago, without Alex’s expertise, his meticulous attention to detail, along with the overall quality and professionalism of all involved.  The medical experts that Brian Barr have used on my case have been incredible and they truly understand the mechanics of the complaint. The barrister on my case was Marcus Grant and again was also very calming and explained all the potential hurdles along the way.

    Alex and his team have got time for you, you actually forget that they are your acting solicitor, a friendship has been built up, and when you are getting worried or dragged down on so many occasions Katie helped me get through the sticky patches with her empathy with the effects of pain (she gets it) many thanks Katie you’re a gem!

    If you are anywhere in the UK and you are looking for a quality solicitor firm which specialises in Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia, look no further than Brian Barr Solicitors – believe me you’re in safe hands.

    Graham Lynes

  • I hope you’re well and safe Steven. The past 1,838 days have been a pleasure to get to know you and work with yourself, Sophie and Brian Barr Solicitors. Not only do I feel I made the right choice in choosing Brian Barr, I couldn’t be happier having yourself and Fiona as my counsel. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through as it was never my intention for the first year to seek litigation, but you made the process as smooth, reassuring and simple as possible. Myself and my wife are truly grateful for everything you’ve done for us.


    Mr C

  • Highly recommend this firm for their expertise in fibromyalgia. I am eternally grateful for all the hard work and care taken in supporting me during one of the most challenging periods of my life. Thank you.

    Kate McTigue

How to Claim CRPS Compensation

At Brian Barr Solicitors, we understand how devastating CRPS can be and how much it can impact your everyday life, which is why we are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients.


When you’re in constant pain, every aspect of your life is affected; your sense of wellbeing that everyone deserves diminishes, relationships are tested, friends seem to disappear and carrying out every day tasks now seems impossible – especially when nobody seems to understand your pain and struggle. 


Pain is invisible and the brave face needed to cope with each and every day doesn’t show the internal suffering to others, with many CRPS sufferers reporting that many doctors are slow to diagnose and therefore treat chronic pain. But here at Brian Barr Solicitors, we understand your pain and how it has been affecting your life, which is why we will work to get you the maximum possible compensation for your CRPS claim.


We have a database of leading medico-legal experts whose understanding of CRPS is second to none, including consultants in pain medicine and psychiatrists who can diagnose conditions, give prognoses and effect of the condition, allowing them to establish appropriate treatment options.

We also have access to experts in care who can recommend adjustments, aids and equipment to help you to live as comfortably as possible with CRPS. Additionally, if your home is no longer suitable for your needs, we will instruct an accommodation expert who can recommend adaptations to your home,  or, in some cases, a new home. We will also instruct the leading barristers who have the knowledge and expertise needed to present your case in the best possible light. 


How Much Compensation Can I Get for a CRPS Claim?

Personal injury claims involving CRPS can often attract a large sum in compensation. Personal injury compensation is calculated based on the severity of the injury and the impact it has on the individual’s life, meaning the value of the claim can vary greatly from one case to another, from less than £500k to more than £4 million


The injury aspect is compensated with an award for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA). The guideline for this has been set by the Judicial College. The other aspects of the damages award is compensation for financial losses and expenses that occur due to the negligence, which can include loss of earnings, aids and equipment and medical treatment and care. 


The reason why CRPS claims can vary so much for person to person is due to the fact that each of these heads of claims are calculated on a case-by-case basis. For example, a younger person in a high-paying job, who will be unable to ever return to work and require hours of care due to negligence, will receive a high award of damages as their life has been impacted significantly for a long period. However, someone who is close to retirement in a low-paying job, where the negligence will impact a shorter time frame, will receive a lower award of damages for the same injury. 

Experienced CRPS Lawyers

Brian Barr Solicitors are a leading CRPS lawyer firm, particularly in cases where CRPS has been caused by an injury. We know how debilitating the condition can be and will assist with claims for Total Permanent Disability under Critical Illness Policies or Accident Protection Policies. Additionally, if you had an accident and your solicitor advised you to settle for too little, we may have a remedy.

Funding your CRPS claim

If you’re looking for more information about how to cover the cost of your CRPS compensation claim, then explore our funding options below. 


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