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Is My Insurance Company Spying On Me?

If you are making a large claim for damages secret filming of you is given. It is very likely that the other side will try to obtain covert footage of you at some stage during your litigation. The pur...

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Insurance Company Refusing To Pay Out Fibromyalgia Claim

Dear BrianI bought a critical illness policy through a broker in 2003. It pays out £175,000 if I develop certain illnesses or I become totally and permanently incapable of working. I satisfy the ...

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Insurers Won’t Pay Out For My Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Question:I have bad Fibromyalgia and not been able to work for twelve months.  I have a Critical Illness Insurance Policy but the insurers will not pay out.  They say that Fibromyalgia is not on...

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Brian Barr Wins £357,000 Critical Illness Payout

Brian Barr Solicitors have managed to achieve a full £357,000 payout under a Critical Illness policy for Mr GR, a fibromyalgia sufferer.46 year old Mr GR was a successful company director who too...

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