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Do I Have A Claim 8 years After My Accident?

Signed DocumentDear Brian

My son, now aged 20, had an accident in a cinema when he was 12. The cinema chair broke and he landed heavily on the floor, injuring his back. We were not aware of the full extent of the injury this caused until very recently. However, the accident happened 8 years ago. Would he be able to bring a claim?



Dear Daniel

The rules regarding the time limit for bringing a claim are different when the accident occurred when the Claimant was a minor.

The general rule is that the limitation period, which for a personal injury claim is three years, does not run until the minor’s 18th birthday.

In your son’s case, the limitation period for the accident which occurred when he was 12 started to run when he turned 18. You can bring a claim for personal injury provided court proceedings are commenced before he turns 21. Therefore, I would advise that you go to see a Solicitor as soon as possible.


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