Brian Barr Solicitors secure six figure settlement for lorry driver involved in RTA

Mr C, a lorry driver, was involved in an accident at work in March 2015. When unloading a preloaded lorry at his point of delivery, the cage of goods tipped over falling on him and causing him to sustain injuries. The accident was caused by the negligence and breach of statutory duty of his employer, failing to make suitable assessment of the health & safety risks.

Mr C sustained fracture and ligament damage to his left foot at the time of the accident in 2015. He experienced severe pain in his foot and by the following year unfortunately there was no improvement to his symptoms which were considered to be consistent to CRPS. He continued to use crutches as a result of his pain and tried to return to work. However, in 2016 his crutch gave way and there was a flare up of his symptomatology.

Life has changed significantly for Mr C. He now experiences significant and severe pain in both feet, suffers from headaches, has symptoms in his shoulder due to the use of his crutches, and is now on antidepressants. He is restricted in all aspects of daily living and his involvement in family life is severely curtailed. No longer able to continue working as a lorry driver, a new desk-based job was created for him, at a reduced salary.

He has undergone a pain management programme and been diagnosed with post-traumatic CRPS, triggered by the accident. The claim was settled amicably – Brian Barr Solicitors secured a £340,000 settlement for Mr C due to his injuries as well as the effect on him in terms of work and home life. This will help provide for future care and living costs as well as counteract his loss of earnings.


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