How we won £1.5m for Fibromyalgia caused by an accident at work

Mrs G.L. of Norwich was a carer who was involved in two lifting incidents at work in June and September 2004. Within 6 months of the second accident she had been diagnosed with the widespread chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia.

Proving liability was difficult but it was eventually determined it was the Local Authority that had not provided the correct lifting equipment. Liability was resolved against the local authority on a 70/30 basis in favour of Mrs G.L. The matter was resolved in a joint settlement meeting in early November 2012. The claim was settled in the sum of £2.14 million gross, £1.5 Million net (after 30% reduction for liability of Mrs G.L.)
How we won £900,000 for CRPS caused by an accident at work

44-year-old Neil Swift suffered from CPRS following an incident at work. In the incident Neil damaged his radial artery, median nerve and flexor tendons. He developed CRPS for which he underwent a median nerve block, Guanethidine blocks, physiotherapy, Pain Management, a Sympathectomy and a nerve graft. Sadly this led to him loosing nearly all function in his left arm and hand. In the early stages the Company took responsibility for the expose to risk and situation he was put in. Some responsibility was placed on Neil himself, which led to a 15% discount of the final settlement. Brian Barr managed to negotiate Claims for damages that were made up of various different aspects. In Neil’s claim a rough breakdown of the full claim (before the 15% discount was applied) is as follows:

Pain and suffering – £100,000
Interest – £4,500
Ongoing treatment costs – £25,000
Past loss of earnings – £90,000
Interest – £828.
Future loss of earnings – £400,000
Pension – £25,000
Past care – £35,000
Miscellaneous expenses (including interest) – £50,000
Transport, aids and equipment and expenses (including interest) – £26,692
Future care – £308,057

This payout will help Neil and his family in his future life.


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